Tandem Paragliding is an exhilarating adventure that anyone can experience! A paragliding experience with Paragliding Cape Town will leave you breathless. The views from Lions Head and Signal Hill are majestic and overwhelming. Our pilots are all highly qualified and your safety is our first priority.

We offer high definition photos and videos on a reusable SD Card as an optional extra for only R300.00. Make use of our FREE SHUTTLE after the flight to get you back to the top of the mountain. Read more about tandem paragliding in Cape Town.

Contact us if you have any questions or queries!

Contact us if you have any questions or queries!

About Us

Ruard de Bruyn, who is the proud owner of Paragliding Cape Town, has years of experience with the sport and has handpicked every pilot on the team. Ruard has been paragliding since the age of 16 and flown numerous competitions and found himself on the podium many times.

Ruard has chosen to make his home base in Cape Town, South Africa, one of the most amazing paragliding spots on the entire globe!

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Tandem Paragliding

tandem-paraglidingParagliding Cape Town specializes in providing exhilarating tandem paragliding adventures to local Cape Tonians and visitors to the city alike. Not everyone has the time to go through the various courses in order to fly solo, that’s why tandem has become such a popular alternative. You don’t need to have any skill or experience at all, our expert instructors will take care of everything while you enjoy this instructional flight!

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Paragliding Safety

paragliding-safetyWe have an excellent paragliding safety record, and the entire team is made up of instructor-certified pilots – who not only take control for tandem flights but also provide training and courses to pilots. The equipment used for this sport has benefitted from decades of research into the best materials and components to increase safety. Similarly, this gear is rigorously checked all of the time by our team of experts and accreditation bodies within South Africa.

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faqsThere are a few things that everyone should know about preparing for a paragliding event. This is true whether going solo or enjoying a tandem experience. This includes everything from what to wear to who is suitable for taking part in this sport in terms of health requirements.

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Gift Vouchers

gift-vouchersIf you’d like to give a gift to really impress, then buy someone the opportunity of soaring through the skies. Whether for a loved one, co-worker, staff or even yourself, these provide memorable adventures that the recipient will never forget.

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equipmentIf there’s one thing seasoned pilots are acquainted with, it’s the constant checking and rechecking of equipment used for paragliding. Modern gliders are made with incredibly safe and durable materials, and pilots run protocols every single pre and post launch to ensure this stays in the best condition possible. This is why we stock only the best brands of equipment, endorsed by our team themselves from many hours of flight and experience.

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Paragliding Tours

paragliding-toursOur experienced team of pilots are well-versed in the best flying spots around South Africa. Take the hassle out of your paragliding holiday by joining one of our tours. These once-in-a-lifetime experiences offer an unbeatable way to travel through the country, experience diverse cultures and take in historic sites. From the Cape through to the Garden Route, as well as Mpumalanga and even Southern African adventures, Paragliding Cape Town offers memorable, fun and exhilarating tours.

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Training School

instructionWe provide a range of courses at our training school. Whether you’re looking for introductory assistance into the sport, or are an advanced pilot wanting to complete SIV training, we’ve got something for you. All of our instructors are certified and we are one of the only companies in South Africa that have two boats rigged for SIV course activities. If you’d like to receive training from some of SA’s best pilots, don’t hesitate to contact our paragliding training school.

Read more about our courses and prices here.

Flying Sites

flying-sitesCape Town is considered one of the most amazing paragliding flying sites in the entire world. This is why we base most of our flying around key areas in this city. You can enjoy spectacular scenery from Lions Head or Signal Hill. Both of which offer incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean, Table Mountain National Park and most of the Atlantic Seaboard Suburbs.

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testimonialsOur team has experienced hundreds, if not thousands, of flights with newcomers to the adventurous sport of paragliding. It’s a wonderful activity, which is both exhilarating and safe. You will have a completely different perspective of life when you’re soaring above the earth and gliding through the sky.

If you’ve flown with us and would like to leave a testimonial, please email it to bookings@paraglidingcapetown.com.

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Contact us for more information about this spectacular sporting and flying experience! We offer incredible paragliding in Cape Town adventures.

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