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About our Tandem Paragliding

Grant is an avid pilot, spreading his wings with several types of aircraft. After 25 years of paragliding, there is still nothing that beats this fun and pure form of flight in his eyes. Similarly, the rest of the crew are Tandem Paragliding Flight Instructor Rated pilots with a wealth of experience and skill as a collective.

While the team has travelled worldwide to some of the best flying sites on the globe, they always return home to South Africa. We are renowned for having some of the most spectacular and exhilarating paragliding experiences on the planet.

Join us for an amazing experience, whether for a few hours or for a cross-country tour of a lifetime!

Pilot Profiles

Grant has been flying paragliders from the very early days of the sport. He has competed in many countries across the globe chasing big sky’s and long cross country flights. He is very well known for his flying abilities and specializes in advanced paragliding instructions to the paragliding community. His meticulous attention to safety and extraordinary piloting skills makes him one of South Africa’s top pilots.

Our aerobatic genius! Currently Roland is the youngest fully rated Tandem Paragliding Instructor in South Africa . He has grown up on the mountain slopes with his father who is also a paragliding instructor. He is without question one of South Africas most talented pilots and a true ambassador for the sport.

Ant has just entered his quarter century of flying paragliders.

He achieved his Springbok colours within his first few years and has also since scooped several local competition wins and podium placings, along with several local site records and two consecutive Western Cape open distance records.

He has also contributed over the years to South African paragliding as (then) national safety and training officer and is currently serving on the national committee as the paragliding section chairman (SAHPA).

His passion for safe and amazing flying is best experienced first-hand on a tandem paragliding flight with him.

John has dedicated his entire being to Paragliding. Even bought a paragliding mountain he loves it so much. He has competed in several international and local Paragliding competition and been on the podium several times. He is unquestionably one of South Africas most loved and experienced pilots.

Tom has been flying for 6 years, and hold both British and South African solo and tandem Licences and also has a South African Instructors licence. He has flown in S.A., U.K. Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, and Tanzania.

He owns 6 paragliders and says there’s always room for one more. His motto in life is, “fly as much as possible” . He is among the few Paragliding pilots in the world to have flown 185km on his Paraglider! His calm approach and attention to detail are displayed in his impeccable flying skills.

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