Cape Town paragliding is one of the ultimate experiences for a pilot of any skill level. With amazing sites like Lions Head and Signal Hill, it’s no wonder this beautiful city has become renowned worldwide for paragliding opportunities. But here are a few crucial aspects you need to know about.

How long is the average paragliding flight?

Tandem experiences can vary in length but is solely dependent on weather conditions, realistically anything from 5 – 20mins can be expected.

Do I need to be experienced?

There is no need to have experience as your tandem instructor and pilot will take control from start to finish. It’s simple and loads of fun!

How does it work?

Your tandem pilot will first talk you through the take-off, flight and landing processes, as well as how to sit comfortably once airborne. Then you’ll have the paragliding harness fitted to you, with safety air bag and helmet. Then you and your pilot are clipped into the paraglider. Once you’re ready, the paraglider will be lifted into the breeze and you will both run forward to be lifted gently into the air.

Who qualifies for tandem paragliding?

Any person who is in good health and weighs less than 120kg.

What should I wear?

You’re going to need a hat, sunscreen, long pants, and a warm top for when you’re flying, as well as hiking boots or running shoes. PLEASE NO OPEN SANDELS, SLOPS OR HIGH HEELS (SAHPA regulations).

How do transfers work?

We offer a pick up and drop off service from the Cape Town CBD at a nominal fee. If you require this outside of the city-centre let us know and we’ll confirm rates, as well as availability.


If our paragliding FAQs don’t answer your question, please contact us direct and we’d be glad to assist with any queries you have regarding tandem paragliding.


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