Paragliding Equipment


No matter where your paragliding adventures are taking you, there’s one thing every pilot knows for sure – you’re going to need as much high-quality equipment and gear as possible. Our team of experts and trainers only use, and stock, the very best paraglider brands available worldwide. That’s why our paragliding equipment for sale will also help you stock up in terms of clothes and accessories. It’s important that you’re well-prepared and comfortable!

Exclusive Triple-Seven Paragliders


Whether you’re looking for a tandem paraglider or a paragliding harness for sale, we’re the South African supplier of this premium brand. Below are a wide range of Triple-Seven paragliders to choose from:

  • Pawn – This is perfect for beginners as it’s designed to be a pure fun flyer during your first phase of XC or otherwise. It is built with maximum safety and ease of flight in mind.
  • Knight – Once you’re moving from beginner into intermediate realm, you should consider a more advanced model like this.
  • Rook – If you’re a firm intermediate pilot who is chasing cross-country flying adventures, then this XC superstar might catch your eye.
  • Bishop – This is a special tandem paraglider (EN-B).
  • Queen – Enjoy a high-performance model that is designed to have the ease of flight of an EN/LTF-C class glider.
  • King – Classed EN-D, this an upcoming three-liner concept with minimalized line lengths and a balance between performance, ease of flight and safety.
  • P-light – Take to the sky in a super light mini-wing, otherwise known as the pocket light glider.
  • Skewer – This speed flying paraglider is easily launched by foot, and perfect for adrenaline rides down the mountain.

Premium Sky Paragliders


We are very fussy about the paraglider for sale options that we recommend. However these products receive a definite two thumbs up from the Paragliding Cape Town team.

  • Eole – Achieve perfection in the sky with this paraglider, suitable for students or experienced pilots alike. This is a great piece of equipment for safe training.
  • Gaia – This is entirely dedicated to schooling and training. It is a reliable and sturdy glider that is great for enjoying never ending thermals.
  • Fides 4 – Just like its predecessors, this robust glider is certified as an EN A category and provides exceptional support.
  • Anakis 2 – This is a popular entry-level to intermediate piece of equipment, it features greater efficiency and pleasure in flight due to impressive improvements.
  • Atis 4 – The new model requires some advanced skills to get the most out of it, rewarding pilots with excellent glide and speed.
  • Antea 2 – Initially designed for XC or competition flights, this glider is also suitable for advanced pilots.
  • Argos – This EN/LTF C light glider offers performance, comfort and versatility in the sky. It is also suitable for navigating difficult take-offs.
  • Ares 2 – A popular high performance wing, this equipment is fast, agile and easy to core in thermals, as well as holds an impressive safety margin.
  • Eris 4 – This is a competition glider and is aimed at those who are still relatively new to high performance wings.
  • Kea – If you’re looking for ease of operation and fun handling, then this is the option for you.
  • Metis 3 – The classical V-structure on this EN B certified tandem glider provides exceptional stability and ease of flight for both pilot and passenger.

Accessories and T-shirts

Whether you’re looking for Velodrom sunglasses and protective eyewear or navigation and cockpit equipment, we’ve got a wide selection of gear for you. You can also buy paragliding clothing, particularly T-shirts to commemorate your adventure with us. Chat to our friendly, and knowledgeable, team members for expert advice on the best suited paragliding equipment for sale.


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