Paragliding Gallery

It’s always a good idea to get videos and photos of your tandem paragliding experience. It can often be so adrenaline-infused that once it’s over you’ll want to relive it over and over to savour the feeling of soaring through the sky. We can offer anyone who joins us in-flight high-quality footage and images of their adventure. This is why we’re one of the most popular tandem paragliding companies in South Africa.

Our tandem paragliding pilots are all equipped with high-def cameras in order to capture your experience and the mind-blowing vistas. These cameras are set up on customised telescopic booms, which capture very high definition visuals of you and your pilot while you’re in the air. This is great for being able to show family and friends your adventure first-hand.

If you’re considering taking the opportunity to try out a tandem paragliding jump, but aren’t sure if it’s for you? Then browse through our gallery of awesome adventures and see whether it is something you can see yourself enjoying. Don’t focus on your fears, especially in terms of heights, and rather prioritise the exhilaration that you will experience with our qualified, skilled, pilots. It’s been mankind’s’ dream for centuries – free flight – so don’t miss out on your opportunity to take to the skies! Browse our tandem paragliding gallery today.

Contact us to make a booking, as well as arrange paragliding videos and photos of your own experience.

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