Paragliding Testimonials


Paragliding with Cape Town Paragliding was such an astounding experience! I felt so secure and was captivated by the splendour of Cape Town. I’ve always wanted to face my fear of altitudes and thought this was a magnificent chance. One that I prized so much that I’ve now done it again! I’d highly endorse this experience to anyone. – Astrid le Roux (Wollongong, Australia)

I was fortunate enough to do a Paragliding flight with Grant van Rooyen from Signal Hill (Cape Town). What an astonishing experience, amazing views of Table Mountain, Sea Point and the Green Point Stadium – what tranquillity and splendour. What made it more extraordinary was flying with Grant, one of the best and most experienced pilots. Even though my nerves were on edge, his easy demeanour instantly made me feel peaceful and allowed me to appreciate the adventure to the fullest His competence was undisputed. Thank you Grant! Trish Marshall

Paragliding off the cliff at ‘Gods Window’ near Graskop was unquestionably the most daring thing I have ever done! I’ve never felt as electrified and so free! I can now check this off the top of my “bucket list”. Thank you Grant! – Ilona van Niekerk (White River, Mpumalanga)

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