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With over 25 years’ experience in paragliding tours around the world, as well as in Southern Africa, Paragliding Cape Town offers you the very best experiences available. And while your flights will be exhilarating, you can rest assured that your safety is in the hands of highly qualified instructors, specialised in SIV training. This is how we are able to take you to sites and locations that only a lucky few will experience!

Come with us on a journey of a lifetime, visit the best cross-country paragliding sites in South Africa. We will roam the country following the sun and best flying conditions – just like “flying gypsies”. This is why our paragliding touring adventures are often described as “gypsy paragliding safaris”.

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The Scenic Cape Tour: November - April

This is a 10-day adventure. You will visit Porterville with its incredible thermals and reliable, world-famous, cross-country paragliding options. Then we’ll move on to the beautiful Garden Route, with its spectacular coastal flying sites.


Itinerary: This tour will see you collected at the Cape Town airport on your arrival and transported to our Guest House, which is only 5 minutes from one of Cape Town’s favourite coastal sites – Kommetjie. After a warm South African welcome and settling in, we’ll conduct a briefing on the sites we’ll be visiting and begin to prepare you for this flying adventure. This tour’s success hinges on our flexibility, in other words being able to quickly relocate to sites that have premium XC paragliding conditions. This is why we move around with ease in our air-conditioned touring vehicles. You can expect a travelling safari filled with changing landscapes and flying conditions.

Accommodation: You will enjoy selected B&B establishments close to the areas that we fly in.

Activities: Don’t miss out on this incredible way to tour the Western Cape. It will captivate all pilots regardless of skill level and experience. On days that we can’t fly due to bad weather, there are a wide variety of other activities you can enjoy. These include wine tasting, shark cage diving, kite boarding, bungee jumping, abseiling, and the list goes on. The cost of these activities are not usually included in our pricing, but we will get you there and back.

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The Majestic Zulu Tour: June - April

This is a 15-day adventure (or 20 days if the optional Swaziland and Mozambique leg is included). It has been described by many pilots as an African paragliding tour you don’t want to miss out on!

Itinerary: It starts in Mpumalanga. We will pick you up from the International Airport, just a short distance from the world famous Kruger National Park. If you ask any South African paragliding pilot about the best paragliding competitions and areas in South Africa, they will definitely mention The Mpumalanga Barberton Paragliding Competition. This event happens annually at the end of June. We incorporate this friendly competition into the tour and take you to see many other spectacular sites around this magnificent area. You definitely don’t need to be a hardened competition pilot to get in on the action. The sites are friendly and novice pilots will love the easy air. We will also visit locations like the magnificent Gods Window, Mount Carmel, Paradise falls, Ngodwana, Bambi, and Vaalkop to mention but a few.

Activities: We also do day trips into the Kruger National Park for game viewing on non-flying days. The cultural diversity of this area, and friendly Zulu people, will have you coming back every year. We also speak fluent Zulu, so will be able to translate for you.

Accommodation: You will enjoy a number of B&B establishments located close to the areas that we fly in.

Optional Add On: As something special, we go on to fly in Mozambique and Swaziland as an extra add-on to the tour. Booking well in advance is essential, as we only do this special tour once a year.

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Why Choose a Tour?

Don’t waste precious time trying to work out how each flying site works and when the best time to visit them will be. Working with a local paragliding touring company takes the hassle out of your flying holiday. We will craft the best cross country routes with our expert knowledge of the areas roads and landscapes. Additionally, our understanding of weather patterns and meteorology, as well as our dedicated recovery vehicle, at each site will ensure your safety.


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