Paragliding Training School


Our paragliding training school comprises some of South Africa’s most respected and experienced instructors. We offer aspiring pilots the chance to take a basic paragliding course, as well as more specialised options for advanced pilots, such as Simulated Incident in Flight (SIV) Training. Read on for more information about our range of paragliding lessons in Cape Town.

Introductory paragliding Course


Spend an exhilarating weekend on the majestic dunes of Wilderness. You will learn the basics of how to control your glider and will do a minimum of 5 flights. Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll be set to continue directly onto the basic licensing course if you choose. You will cover several aspects such as learning the equipment, basic weather information, as well as ground handling and the critical safety checks.

Paragliding Ground Handling Course


This line of training will teach you everything you will need to know about successful take offs from almost any kind of flying site. This is one of the most critical things you will learn in order to ensure your safety and well-being over the course of your paragliding adventures.

Basic Licence Course – R11 800 (9 days)


This course will qualify you to fly on your own within South Africa. This comprehensive training covers several aspects of being a safe pilot. It includes ground handling, the theory of flight, meteorology and supervised flights. We will place priority on building your launching, landing and flight techniques through rigorous and repetitious flights. This is why it requires a minimum of 35 flights and is also in Wilderness on the Garden Route. There is also a basic licensing written exam that accompanies this training and certification programme.

X-Country Paragliding Course

On completion of this training you will be enabled with a full understanding of the principles of thermalling and cross country paragliding. The course is a balance between discussion and practical flying. You will cover aspects such as solving launching problems, preventing and recovering from deflations, as well as flying faster and further.

SIV Course – R4500 (3 days)

This is our speciality, we teach licenced pilots to do advanced manoeuvres over water with exhilarating precision. We have two boats, one to tow the glider up and the other to fetch the pilot after landing. We winch the glider high above the water where the pilot releases the tow line and is then under instructions to simulate and do advanced manoeuvres. During this course you will enjoy interesting lectures and advanced practical flying. It is a must do for anyone who spends a lot of time paragliding!

Paragliding Winching Course – R950 (Min 4 Participants)

Spend a day learning how to winch paragliders safely. This course offers you the opportunity to understand the winching techniques, which are absolutely vital to pilot safety. It also includes theory, practice flying and winch operating.


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