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South Africa’s Best Paragliding Flying Sites

At Paragliding Cape Town, you can rest assured with our experienced pilots and instructors who know our flying sites like the back of their hands. We’ve provided safe, yet exhilarating, flights to both locals and visitors to South Africa, who are looking for an adrenaline-charged gliding experience. There are few occasions that can match the fun had while paragliding during the day and then spending times with other pilots who are winding down over a cold beer and good food.

Cape Town, or Kapstadt, is popular with flyers from around the world, especially paragliding pilots. With sites like Signal Hill or Lions Head, it’s no wonder. It offers some of the most breath-taking scenery in the world. From Kommetjie, to cross-country through the majestic Garden Route – this is a majestic land to soar over.

Adventure in the Heart of Cape Town

With flying sites like Lions Head and Signal Hill it’s no wonder that the CBD is a very popular spot for paragliding. These take-offs offer spectacular views of the ocean and mountainside, against the backdrop of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Our expert team is well-versed in reading Cape Town’s temperamental weather conditions. This is important, as finding the perfect winds for these sites is important for the best experience.

Paragliding Lions Head

This peak is not only a great flying site, but it’s also an incredibly popular hiking trail. It’s absolutely spectacular in the evenings for sunsets! At 669m, it offers a 360 degree of Cape Town from the summit. Lions Head provides both a lower launch (400m above sea level and used during stronger winds), and an upper one (470m above sea level and suitable for lighter winds).

These take-offs require advanced ground handling skills for successful launches, as they’re quite small in surface area. Our pilots are well-versed in the terrain and conditions of this peak, particularly the fact that Lions Head heats up and generates thermic upslope breezes. Due to the spire shape of the peak, the wind diverges around it causing strong increases in wind speed at both launch sites. Our pilots can navigate all of these intricacies.

On an optimum flying day at this location, you’ll soar above the summit of Lions Head and enjoy much longer flights. It’s sometimes possible to fly across Table Mountain and along the cliffs of the Twelve Apostles. It’s also possible to organise flights to Llandudno, and on the rare occasion gliding to Kommetjie is also possible. This involves moving through Hout Bay, soaring over Chapman’s peak and settling at the end of Noordhoek beach.


Paragliding Signal Hill

Fly from this amazing peak, which is not terribly high at 350m but provides incredible flights with just the right conditions. It ideally requires a north west to west wind. Once in the sky, you’ll see unbeatable views of the Sea Point coastline, as well as the Waterfront as you glide. Then flyers enjoy a safe landing right next to the beautiful Atlantic Ocean when you’re done. Usually this will be in front of the Winchester Mansions Hotel. You can also stop in for a refreshing, cold, beer at nearby Harvey’s afterwards.


Our Cross Country Flying Sites

There is almost nothing as memorable and fun than travelling Africa on a cross-country paragliding tour. We have amazing experiences available, either of which offer the majestic scenery that this part of the world is renowned for preserving.

  • The Scenic Cape Tour: November – April (10 days) – This is an unbeatable way of discovering the best of the Cape. We travel through the Garden Route, visiting some of the best coastal sites in the entire world. Read more here.
  • The Majestic Zulu Tour:(15-20 days) – This tour begins in Mpumalanga, where you’ll also get to experience the famous Kruger National Park. It also crosses paths with the Barberton paragliding competition at the right time of year. Read more here.



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